Thursday, August 6, 2009

going beyond neutral...even better!

The predicted consequences of accelerating climate change are devastating.

Time frames are shortening. The world is emitting faster than the worst case scenarios. Substantial reductions are required to achieve sustainability.

Greenhouse and sustainability are problems your customers want addressed; they will support your business if its products or services genuinely aids them to be a part of the solution.

Carbon neutrality is a race to zero; join Beyond Neutral® in the race to the top.

We are an innovative company focusing on three approaches to addressing greenhouse and sustainability:

* An effective response to climate change goes beyond compliance.
* Undertake actions that provide multiple benefits and improved sustainability.
* Moving past carbon neutrality is the ultimate step on the greenhouse pathway.

Throughout Australia and internationally, we provide our clients with specialist greenhouse, sustainability, energy and environment related services and products. Our clients include large corporations, public sector organisations and small to medium enterprises as well as all tiers of Government, in particular the Australian and local governments.

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