Wednesday, August 5, 2009

green music! little by little...

Whilst we may not fit the category of a fully "green" business we are committed to being as green as we possibly can and are making steps right now towards this.
Our business situation is somewhat different to most (but like yours), as we use venues or private residences for the majority of our work, however, being a mobile DJ business, a large component of what we do involves travel by motor vehicle. We offset our emissions through Greenfleet for our vehicles.
We already have a green power component for our home and office. We already use energy saving lightbulbs in home and office and do our best to conserve energy generally. We use recycled paper wherever possible, reduce paper consumption where we can, and attempt to use the reduce, re-use, recycle philosophy in our day to day operations.

We are progressively replacing our old style professional lights with professional LED lights (these are fairly new to the industry), as replacement is required, and are enquiring as to the option of replacing our bulbs with LEDs in our existing lights, so that we can have them be more energy efficient as soon as possible.

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